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Enobosarm ( Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator Ostarine’s generic name )



Enobosarm is the recently approved nonproprietary drug name for the trademarked SARM Ostarine developed by GTX Inc. It was previously known by the code name MK-2866 and was jointly developed by Merck Pharmaceuticals.

There is currently a multi country phase three trail taking place due to end in 2013 once this ends the US FDA will probably makes it’s decision on it’s approval and it may make it onto the market in late 2013. This trial was to determine if Enobosarm would increase lean body mass aka muscle and improve the physical function aka movement of elderly men and women. The study will compare a daily dosage of 3 mg of Enobosarm against a placebo ( usually a sugar tab or capsule ).The participants in this trial were all under sixty years of age. Typically increases in lean muscle mass in teh elderly required hormone treatments such as testosterone and anabolic steroids which are both considered to have certain undesirable side effects in some users. If Enobosarm fulfills it’s potential the world will finally have a safe way to build muscle when exercise and nutrition aren’t able to do the job alone.

When Enobosarm finally gets it’s FDA approval we can expect a sharp rise in the stock value of GTX Inc and Merck as it will potentially earn them both millions of dollars in yearly sales revenue. A large proportion of sales may come from stealing users of male testosterone replacement products. With just a 3 mg daily dosage it will be inetresting to see how the final version of this drug is priced I would expect several dollars per tablet on the US market. In future we may see SARMs combined with ercetile dysfunction medications as the effects would be synergistic to each other.

Enobosarm will probably be abused in the 2012 Olympics held in London, UK. Urine tests for the metabolites of SARMS have already been developed by WADA so it will be inetresting to see if any of this years winning Olympic athletes test positve for their use. If they do it will of course be fantastic free publicity for them and make them very desirable for the general public. Some countries may attempt to ban them due to their potential for sporting abuse which is probably good news for GTX Merck as most users will be forced to purchase them from the official and most expensive channels and on prescription only.

To date there have been no reports of nutritional supplements being spiked with SARMS but I would expect it will occur at some time soon. There are of course numerous nutritional supplements trading off the SARMS name and using it as part of their products name and packaging. I would expect someone to soon launch a supplement which is a misspelling of the word Enobosarm.




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